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Let Coach Noah Lam Customer Run Training and Coaching Programs save you time of trying to figure out how much time to run and how far.  We all lead very busy lives and things happen that keeps us juggling our schedules.  My programs are customized on a weekly basis to meet the need of each individual.   Each week will be assessed and adjusted according to the previous workouts and availability.   This personalized method will maximize your efforts based on your time to train.

Each workout (including rest) has a purpose that will lead to progress towards your goals.

What you can expect:

  • Unlimited contact with Noah Lam, via phone, e-mail and/or video conferencing to answer questions and provide tips.
  • Weekly training schedule based on your time and abilities and goals
    • Heart Rate Zones to help you perform and recover appropriately.
    • Run Speed Zones to dial in your running (GPS Watch is recommended)
  • Video Analysis of your Swimming, Biking or Running


  • Access to Training Peaks where your training schedule will be shown and we will review your performances and make adjustments accordingly.
  • Review of nutrition plan that the athlete will develop and perfect for race day.
  • Feedback on completed workouts done by the athlete.
  • Accountability and Motivation
  • As a client you will receive exclusive discounts to gear, equipment and races.

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