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Welcome to Coach Noah Lam

My goal is the Create a Healthier World and I happened to fall in love with running, triathlon and different kinds of fitness.  We all face challenges that we either overcome or retreat from, and becoming a healthier person provides a great foundation for future success.  Everyone I know has butterflies when they line up for race, and there can be a story about triumph over an adversary, but all stories has a victorious hero.  That hero is you, and I am here to support you in your journey to the top of the mountain.

My goal as a certified Road Runners Club of America Running and Level 1 Triathlon Coach, dedicated online health coach to support you with reaching your dreams by dialing in your training, hard work, passion, and enthusiasm to create the foundation for Race Day.  I am here to be your sounding board, support team and consultant to line everything up because Anything is Possible!

You deserve the relationship that you need to make the positive improvements you want to achieve.  You will get more than just a cookie cutter plan, pep talk, and a high five.  We will explore different ways help you focus and reach your goals



Race your next 5k to Marathon to the best of your ability with Specific Training and Coaching



Dial in your Swim, Bike and Run  for Sprint to Ironman with Custom Plans and Support


Health & Fitness

Looking to lose weight and feel fit, We have Coaching options to help you reach Your Health and Fitness Goals

Hear What People Are Saying:

"Thank you for inspiring me to join you in your group to "make resolutions stick" on January 1st, It is now April 1st and I have lost 20 lbs and added so many good lifestyle changes including daily exercise, consistent healthy food choices and portions and kicking the coffee habit."

~ Alyssa K.

"Hi! You helped me face my fear of distance Swimming simply by sharing your experience with it. You told me it got easier every time you got in the pool. That gave me the courage to keep showing up and trying. Thanks!"

~ Kelly S.